CBD + Sleep

CBD+Sleep: How to put a long day behind you and build a healthy sleep routine using CBD!

CBD has become a staple in homes around the US and across the world, but why are people taking CBD? Research shows there are numerous reasons, from pain, stress, to what we are addressing here today...SLEEP!

CBD oil has been linked to a variety of health benefits by top doctors, athletes, and researchers across the world and as researchers continue to explore the health benefits more studies continue to find a direct link between CBD and better sleep quality.

Did you know lack of sleep ranks among the top most common health issues American’s face today? Statistics show more than 83 million American adults sleep less than seven hours per night. You may not be aware of how important sleep is, but insufficient sleep has been directly linked to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, along with countless other health problems.

Brothers N Arms has taken on the mission to bring a healthy alternative solution to millions of people by using natural products. Our vision is to leave this world a little bit better than we found it and take a stand against large pharmaceuticals destroying the world!

Sleep in the frontlines

When we think of the frontlines most of us immediately think of brave soldiers out on the battlefield and you’re not wrong. We also believe first responders, Firefighters, EMTs, Police Officers, Nurses, Doctors are all part of the frontlines. They are our neighbors, our uncles, our sons and daughters out there. People we know and count on to be the pillars of our communities in case of an emergency. 

These are the people putting their lives, health, and safety on the line to allow us to sleep peacefully at night. But who is out there ensuring they have the mental clarity, physical endurance, and support to execute at the highest levels?

We have high expectations that these first responders should always maintain at peak physical and mental fitness every time they step outside their front door. But this isn’t possible without restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Stress is a major factor for First Responders, Doctors, EMTs, etc. These professionals perform their jobs under a life or death circumstance that is codependent on their ability to assess and respond to immediate threats in a split second.

It only takes one crucial error, be it mental or physical, and life could be lost.

What do the experts think?

Let’s take a dive into understanding why sleep is so important. The life of a first responder, doctor, a firefighter is often grueling and tedious. While workout routines and diets get most of the attention, healthy sleep habits are a fundamental cornerstone of an overall healthy lifestyle.

The National Sleep Foundation, explains that physical activity puts stress on the body’s muscles and nervous system, among other functions. Recovery from this kind of strain happens while you sleep. The organization also makes it clear: the more active you are, the more sleep you need.

Another study done by Fatigue Science, a company that consults with the NBA, Military, and Fortune 500 companies, takes things a step further and describes sleep as the world’s best performance enhancer. If the world’s elite and their organizations are spending millions of dollars on research supporting sleep as being a fundamental piece of their ability to perform well. Don’t you think our first responders and anyone in the front lines need to consider this information compelling? In an article on the topic, they noted that chronic sleep loss of two to four hours per day for two weeks degrades performance in similar ways to 24-48 hours of total sleep deprivation.

Professionals often recommend establishing a regiment for nighttime routine the same way they do their training and diet. It’s also important to note to stay away from caffeinated drinks within four hours of bedtime. We also recommend your last meal of the day takes place three to four hours before bed to avoid uncomfortable indigestion.

We also recommend following strict bedtime, even during rare days off and vacations. The human body craves routine, especially when it comes to essential functions like sleep.

Those techniques, along with a 30- to 60-minute wind-down period with low light and no distractions, provide an effective buffer between waking hours and sleep.

How First Responders use CBD for Better Sleep

While most of us keep our fitness routines private except for a few IG stories, we’ve spoken with a few First Responders and they have agreed to share their secrets with the world. Here are a few of our Brothers N Arms’ favorite CBD products for a good night’s rest.


We talked to “Cody Curran” about their go-to sleep aid, they’ll point you to BNA’s CBD PM, their award-winning CBD and melatonin product.

CBD PM is an oil-based tincture that combines hemp-derived CBD with melatonin – a hormone naturally produced in the body to regulate the day/night cycle. And it’s incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is put a dropper-full under your tongue, hold it there for 30 to 60 seconds, and swallow.

If you don’t care for the taste or mouthfeel of oil tinctures, BnA also offers its CBD sleep aid formula in soft gel capsules.

CBD Recover

Do you remember that Lolo mentioned a CBD recovery cream she used for her neck pain? She was referring to CBD Recover, which provides targeted relief wherever you need it most – especially at bedtime.

There are a wide range of products marketed as CBD for pain relief. The difference is that CBD Recover also features a wide range of soothing botanicals, plus an FDA-approved pain reliever, histamine dihydrochloride. It’s available in CBD concentrations of 300 mg, 750 mg, and 1500 mg.

If you prefer a cooling pain-fighting sensation, you may want to consider cbdMD’s CBD Freeze, 2020 Product of the Year in the CBD Topicals category.