Make CBD Part of You Training Routine: How are Athletes Using CBD to Recover Faster?

Professional athletes and everyday active people are using CBD for its physiological and psychological benefits.

Instead of using a chemical-based medication, athletes and gym enthusiasts opt for CBD natural benefits. Harsh over-the-counter medication like aspirin and ibuprofen can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and damage to the stomach lining. While there are no known harmful side effects to CBD.  

CBD oils can help the mind be too focused during workouts and during athletic performances. While CBD topicals help the body to recover by alleviating pain and inflammation.

How to incorporate CBD into your fitness routine? 

CBD oils and CBD topicals can work together to complement workouts and training allowing athletes to perform their best.

Rest and recovery are essential parts of any workout routine because an after-exercise routine has an impact on fitness and long-term performance. How well you take care of your body will play a significant on how your body recovers and perform.

CBD before workouts:

o CBD oils can be added to pre-workout shakes or supplements. CBD oils can be used before practice to help the mind focused, but they can also be used after workouts to wind down.

o Athletes who suffer from Sports Performance Anxiety (SPA) rely on CBD’s calming effects to avoid muscular tension, fatigue, and stress.

CBD after workouts:

  • CBD topicals can be used after workouts, training, and athletic performances, for localized soreness. Intense, repetitive, and endurance workouts can lead to muscle soreness and tightness, joint pain, as well as inflammation.
  • Muscles undergo microscopic tears while exercising. During the recovery period, after working out, the process of building muscle mass and stronger tissue begins. This process can be painful, but it is essential for enhancing performance.
  • CBD can help to alleviate sourness or inflammation-related pain making your recovery period more comfortable. Allowing your muscles to be ready for the next workout or athletic performance.

CBD before bedtime:

  • CBD oils and tinctures can be used before bedtime to assist with sleeping and full rest.
  • Placing few CBD oil drops under the tongue for a few minutes before going to bed for a solid night’s sleep and enough rest for full recovery, the next day’s work out your body and mind will be ready.    

Standard Fitness Routine with CBD:

  1. Pre-workout drink with few drops of CBD oil
  2. Stretch to warm up muscles and loosen up joints
  3. Hydration all throughout the workout
  4. Protein shakes or smoothie to repair and rebuild muscles
  5. CBD topicals for recovery, sourness, and anti-inflammatory benefits
  6. CBD tinctures before bedtime for recovery and calming effects to enjoy a good night’s sleep.    

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